Plastic Pails -
Multi-purpose and durable

Prime Polyplast PailPlastic Pails Available in multiple color choices and a wide variety of sizes ranging from 7.5 to 20 litres. (2 - 5 Gallons)
Strong Plastic Pails with stainless steel handle. Made using high quality plastic resins, our pails have robust wall thickness leading to dependable high performance. The handles are made of sturdy metal and have molded plastic grips double bent for safety. And the unique design enables stacking height of multiple layers. Pails are made of FDA-approved high-density polyethylene or polypropylene.

  • Plastic and metal handles offered for most sizes
  • Eco friendly and completely recyclable
  • Will not rust or dent
  • Seamless and light-weight, yet Unbreakable
  • Nestable - the tapered design of plastic pails allows them to be nested for the most efficient storage and transport prior to filling

Versatile Uses -

  • Household and garden uses for carrying liquids and granular products
  • Widely used by homeowners and contractors alike
  • Farm chemicals and reuse for many farm tasks
  • Use as a utility pail for washing cars, carrying toys and completing other tasks
  • Use as Paint Bucket, ideal for mixing paint without spatter
  • Open headed and closed headed pails to be used as shipping containers for chemicals and industrial products
  • All purpose containers for carrying Paints, inks, chemicals, lubricants, adhesives, coatings, roofing mastics, driveway sealers, foods, edible oils, flavorings, sanitation supplies, construction materials, building products, ice melt compounds, pet food and other applications.

Prime Polyplast PailOptional covers are available with Flex spout, date of manufacturing, individual identity features. Decorations, instructions, restrictions and cautions can be applied.
Packaging is available as per requirements, and multiple coulours per pack. We ship our products across the globe, leveraging our tie-ups with domestic and international shipping companies.

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Product Specifications:

Gwala P8


8 Litres

Height: 10.19 inch

Weight: 339gms

Diameter: 8.97 inch

Stock Available

Gwala P10


10 Litres

Height: 10.61 inch

Weight: 502gms

Diameter: 10.44 inch

Stock Available

Gwala P15


15 Litres

Height: 11.01 inch

Weight: 598gms

Diameter: 11.58 inch

Stock Available

Gwala P20

(extra Large)

20 Litres

Height: 14.60 inch

Weight: 832gms

Diameter: 11.99 inch

Stock Available


as per requirement

Flexible capacity

Custom Design

Choice of branding

Choice of Colour

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