Our value proposition - best quality products at reasonable prices

Quality First, Always!

At, Prime Polyplast, our aspirations are very high and delivering quality is of utmost importance across all areas. Work on continuous improvement is a cornerstone of our business. We consistently aim to deliver world-class quality to our clients and end users.
Our dedication to quality is indicated by the following:

  • Stringent guidelines are followed for quality check of pails and pans
  • All our units have in house quality experts for testing of raw materials and finished products
  • Regular Inspection of intermediate products is carried out at various stages to maintain quality of end product
  • Batch wise quality inspection of finished products is undertaken
  • All products are manufactured in the environmentally friendly thermoplastic polypropylene
  • We work hard to reduce waste and scrap. All waste material is recycled by accredited recyclers

Your Packaging and Transporation needs met

We ship our products across the globe. We can provide packaging that is tailored to your specific requirements. Of course, we can help with mechanical handling of the packaging.
We have extensive material knowledge and contacts with materials experts in India. Our tie ups with leading transport companies ensures timely and convenient delivery options and a complete peace of mind for our customers

Design and Automation

We have crafted our products beautifully and we offer coloration of all plastic containers and lids, you, as a customer, get many options in how you want your finished product should look.

Prime Polyplast places a great emphasis on the automation of production. Our machinery consists in particular of injection molding machines from Ferromatik and robots/cranes. The material goes directly from the silo to the injection molding machine, through a pipe, and then automatically produces the end products.

Short delivery times

One of our greatest strengths is the ability to deliver large quantities at very short notice. The standard design of our products is always in stock to be delivered. Our goal is to satisfy customer needs as quickly and smoothly as possible.