Maharani Soop -
Used in agriculture and domestic household work

Prime Polyplast taslaSoop Available in multiple color choices. Unbreakable and Strong Plastic Soop, made using high quality plastic resins, our Maharani Soops have been uniquely designed for agricultural and domestic usage. They have robust wall thickness leading to dependable high performance. The unique design enables stacking height of multiple layers and provides it holding strength and durability. Soops are made of high-density polyethylene or polypropylene.

  • Extremely handy shape - making it convenient to use
  • Eco friendly and completely recyclable
  • Unique patented design providing high strength

Agricultural and domestic Uses -

  • For separating seed grains from chaff
  • Versatile product - can be used in multiple household works

Prime Polyplast SoopOptional branding with date of manufacturing, individual identity features. Decorations, instructions, restrictions and cautions can be applied.
Packaging is available as per requirements. We ship our products across the globe, leveraging our tie-ups with domestic and international shipping companies.

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